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Friday, May 31, 2002

Change of E-mail

AnimeNation announced recently that they're going to start charging for their e-mail service due to user consumption of their bandwidth. The rates are going to be $4.95 per month, and there's no WAY in hell that I'm going to shell out cash just for two e-mail addresses. Therefore, I signed up for a new e-mail account at J-Fan, and it's already active. I have not updated the e-mail links on this site yet, so I'll update this page again when I have. Until then, nobody e-mail me PLEASE!!! Thanks for your cooperation.
posted by Nelmaki Antix at 10:56 AM

Sunday, May 12, 2002

Small Update

I added the image for Jen's Homepage, so now it's not a text link anymore, plus, I added a new link called Renegade Webpagelords, which hosts a variety of anime links (it's an anime-link-specific site). Thanks go out to the webmaster Brian Uhe for adding Club Cyberia up there in the Serial Experiments Lain section. That's about all I've got for now (I have to get back to homework). If you want to read rants, go to my LiveJournal (it's updated almost everyday). I've decided to keep this page as an updates page, so no further rants will be posted here.
posted by Nelmaki Antix at 11:13 AM

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