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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Crap Update

Alright, well I finally managed to get my lazy butt off the ground and edited three pages that contained my e-mail addy. So now, it's officially I don't know if there'll be any other updates soon, but the next thing I'll be doing is adding on the font sets later. Until then...
posted by Nelmaki Antix at 11:21 PM

Friday, June 07, 2002


I know I mentioned like last week that I'd update the site and change my e-mail, but I never really got around to it. Stupid teachers at SHHS decided to load all the students with like last-minute projects, so I've pretty much been frickin' tired all week. In fact, I was up until 5 a.m. this morning B.S.-ing my 15 page research paper (it turned out to be 22 in all), while at the same time, figuring out how I was going to present a 50 minute PowerPoint presentation with 4 other people in my group for APUSH. Luckily, it went over really well, and everyone loved the weird rapping I did (yay!). So that's basically it. Hopefully I'll fix up stuff here during the weekend, but no guarantees.
posted by Nelmaki Antix at 10:42 AM

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