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Fan site with the obsession of Lain's bear suit
Japanese site with great graphics. Also has stuff in English, so it's readable
Very popular Lain site with episode guides and much more
The graphics interface is a very nice touch. Basically has the same stuff as Dot-Matrix
Site uses frames. Design is simple, but organized. Also includes the various Lain items you will find on most fan sites
Discover intense insight on Lain at this well-rounded site
Something very interesting about this place... don't know how to describe it
Ever curious about the Lain Playstation game that never came to America? Well, this person's got some cool screenshots. Look in the "Anime Game Snapshots" page.
Towa No Mirai
One of those anime shrine-type sites that focuses on select anime series. Very kawaii!
Think of Anime Web Turnpike, except it's a one-person effort and a homepage (I like all those MIDI songs!)
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