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"Where am I vanishing into?"

Into a clam quietly sleeping deep in the sea?

Last night's dream I dreamt an unbelievably real one

I'm just sleeping

Town beyond the boundless horizon, nobody seems to be there

Only the moon shines, and her light creates shadows

Imagination like illusions starts overwhelming the town

Gentleman with rich chest living in the east mountain

Crowd of ladies wasting time for nothing

Children creating a perfect evil like a genius does

River forms a flow, but never needs water

Purple time turns everything into the truth

Mysterious rumors floating in the skies

Group of information creeping on the ground filled with noise

Memories of a story that was never born

What's he seeking?  What does she understand?

"You luv me?" "I sure do honey"

Satisfaction constantly creates a loose portrayl

Lake filled with mystery, but not leading to the sea

Thousands of molecules slash the darkness while giving ultrapid

lights "Who knew it?"  "Everybody owns it in common"

Unnatural body and unconsciously developed technologies called

indifference Value of enormous intelligence named "Ignorance" is


Holding inconsistently, wasted sense of value

penetrates into the ground surface so deeply so deeply

"Where am I vanishing into?"

Truly, into a dark, calm layer

But wind don't stop blowing yet

Yeah, wind don't stop blowing yet

©Pioneer Entertainment & Triangle Staff