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Word for computers.  Could possibly be the shorter version

of the full words "navigation," and "navigator."  These

are specifically used for connecting to the Wired.

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The Wired

The term here refers to what we like to call the

"internet." In Lain, the Wired is actually a living

world, much like our own real world, except that it is a

cyber world, yet, it can actually be better than our own

world, as some people think.  In this Wired, anything can


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A type of drug. Highly resembles a tiny grenade with spikes

protruding from it; also looks like a spiky bug.  Accela

comes from the full word "accelerator."  This drug, when

taken, makes the user feel "accelerated."  The human

consciousness is expanded and increased in processing

speed. The world around the user slows down, and it's

almost like moving at the speed of the Wired.  However,

Accela only lasts for 24 hours the moment it is taken.

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Men in Black.  These guys drive a black car, wear black

suits, and wear head contraptions that shoots out a laser

beam.... probably to find their target, which, in this

case, is Lain.  They seem to work for Tachibana


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A secret organization that exists in the Wired.  Users can

become members of Knights, though it's unknown how.  The

members of Knights are mostly made up of video game Otaku,

ranging from fat, nerdy-looking bastards to guys wearing

funny gadgets on themselves --- even to little kids.

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An experiment that took place 15 years ago, done by Prof.

Hodgson.  KIDS was part of the Kensington Experiment, and

involved using actual children, who were attached to "outer

receptors" that took in the PSI waves given off from them.

In the end, the children were killed, otherwise known as

"not returning to the real world."

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Protocol 7

A device created by Eiri Masami.  This thing allows humans

to connect to the Wired without the use of devices.  With

this, people can fully enter the Wired and practically

"live it."

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The state of being everywhere at once.  This seems to be

one of Lain's trademark features, but she doesn't realize

it because it's not even her.  Her being omnipresent plays

an important role.

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