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MIB (Men In Black): Who They Are and What They Do

No, we're not talking about the movie released in 1998. We're talking about the REAL MIB. No one is sure if these guys really do exist or not, but many claim to have seen these men. So what exactly is their profession? Well, it seems that the MIB deal with those who claim to have sighted UFO's. Like Majestic 12 and the alien dealings, MIB actually appear out of nowhere to speak to the "victim."

Possibly, these guys "may confiscate any 'evidence' that the 'contacted' might have collected (from" They tell the victims to not pursue their investigations, otherwise something BAD will happen to them. What's even more unusual is that fact that the MIB seem very well-informed about all the events that have occurred. Some people believe that the MIB work for the government, since the government does have ties with the alien conspiracy. However, once again, we come back to the point that no one is exactly sure. MIB is just another conspiracy that can either be believed in, or disregarded as yet another myth.

MIB Description

Those who claim to have received a visit from the MIB describe them as moving in groups of two or three. They wear black suits and ties, travel in similarly-colored Sedans.

MIB Encounter Simulator

Want to know what it's like to encounter the MIB? Okay, keep reading and see.

Let's say that one night, you caught sight of some weird glowing object that was apparently hovering in the middle of the sky. You sneak closer to the area it's by, and make an attempt to either videotape or take a photo of that mysterious object. It works, and the next thing you know, the object disappears. You become fascinated at this point and decide to inform others about what just happened. The next day, somehow, your phone rings, and some guy on the other line speaking in a monotone voice orders you to not go through with your plan. You ask why, but he says he's coming over to your house. While feeling disturbed, you hang up and turn around. You are taken aback from the sight of a weird-looking man dressed in black. His tie is black, his shoes are black, and his suit is so neat in appearance you would almost think that guy wasn't for real. The next feature you take notice of is his facial features. His head is completely bald, with not a spec of hair even present on the surface. His skin is pale, practically white in color. He has no eyebrows, no eyelashes, and his lips are ruby red. You wonder to yourself what in the world is going on.

Next, this man asks to you sit down. You reluctantly obey the command, but at the same time, am wishing that you were standing instead of sitting. Another thought rings through your head: how did this guy know where you lived? How did his suddenly appear inside your house? And better yet, how does he know all about you? Goosebumps form all over your body, and you become nervous. The man informs you to stop your pursuit of exploiting what you saw the previous night, saying that if you do, you're going to suffer some kind of terrible fate. You take notice that the man is speaking with a monotone voice --- absolutely emotionless --- just like the one you spoke with over the phone. The next thing that happens may vary. If you have "evidence," such as the video/photo you caught the previous night, he may confiscate it. If that doesn't happen, he'll silently get up and walk out of your house without saying another word. You follow him to the front door, and see a black Sedan parked outside, with windows that are tinted so much it's frightening. You watch him drive off into the distance, and wonder to yourself as to the identity of this person. Congratulations, you just had an encounter with the MIB.

What's Your Opinion?

Perhaps the MIB really don't exist, but no one is for certain about that statement. With all the reports and claims of MIB encounters, can this situation be entirely neglected? Some witnesses who have had MIB experiences claim that they're probably aliens sent from another planet to spy on us. Others still think that they work for the government. And last but not least, there are those who don't believe in them at all. Which one is really true? Or are they actually all false? You can decide on that one.

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