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Introduction Majestic 12 Vannevar Bush Memex
Ted Nelson Schumann Resonance John C. Lilly E.C.C.O.
Roswell Incident Men in Black (MIB)
Though most of Serial Experiments Lain is entirely fiction,

some of it is also real too.  If viewers paid close enough

attention to the series, they would notice familiar names and

incidents mentioned, all of which actually exist (or existed)

in our own world.  Below are the names of the people,

incidents, concepts, and ideas referred to by the series.

Descriptions of each follow the underlined names.  For more

detailed information/interpretations as well as applications of

these names/events/concepts to Serial Experiments Lain, the

absolute best place to visit is Thought Experiments Lain. For

your reference, addtional links following the descriptions are

provided, leading to sites with much more detailed information.

Please note that the following are just brief descriptions. If

you want to read more, the other sub-site Wired Protocol will

do just that.

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MJ-12 (Majestic 12)

An organization formed by President Truman to investigate the

possibility of extraterrestrial contact.  Majestic 12 was formed

when the crash at Roswell was discovered.  However, documents

entitled the "MJ-12 Documents" were exposed by William Moore,

Stanton Friedman.  Oddly enough, President Truman's signature

was printed on Attachment A of the MJ-12 Documents --- this

signature was shown to have been copied from a different


Vannevar Bush

A member of the MJ-12, Vannevar was President Truman's

scientific advisor.  He organized the National Defense

Resources Council and the Office of Scientific Research and

Development. Vannevar was also the person responsible for

proposing Memex.


Memex is a system which consists of archiving and retrieving

information that is analogous to human memory.  In return for

its retrieval, Memex aids the human memory.

Ted Nelson

Inspired by Vannevar Bush, Ted Nelson expanded Memex's concept

and proposed a new system called the Xanadu system, in which

there will be a globally accessible electronic archive of all

the world's text.  Though his vision of the Xanadu system never

fully developed, Ted Nelson's concepts influenced other

technologies, such as today's "Wired," a.k.a. the World Wide


Schumann Resonance

Resonance frequencies of Earth's electromagnetic field was

measured by W.O. Schumann.  The Schumann Resonance base

frequency is 7.83 Hz.  "Electromagnetic waves of this frequency

can propagate extremely quick, with little attenuation around

the planet within what is known as the Schumann Cavity." (credit

for that last sentence is given to Thought Experiments Lain)

The rest of the Schumann Resonance frequencies range between

6-50 Hz.

John C. Lilly

A scientist who was interested in human consciousness expansion.

He did isolation tank and drug experiments in order to study

the effects on consciousness.

ECCO (Earth Coincidence Control Office)

Proposed by John C. Lilly, ECCO was his model which described an

extraterrestrial intelligence that determined our coincidences.

Roswell Incident

In 1947, an unidentified object crashed near Roswell, New

Mexico. The object, a UFO, had an immediate response from the

government, forming the mystical "Area 51," as well as the

Majestic-12 and many other tie-ins. To this day, no one knows

for sure if aliens did crash on Earth or not, though some claim

that it was just a weather ballon.

Men in Black (MIB)

The real-life MIB's aren't the ones portrayed in the Lain

series. They've been assumed to work for the government in

UFO-related cases, often paying unexpected visits to the

victimes of the sightings.

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