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Present day, present time: now.  There are two worlds which currently

exist. The first world is obviously the one we're living in.  The

second world, thanks to our evolution of technology, is the Wired, which

is a highly advanced version of the internet. This internet is an organic

internet where you can experience everything and even "live" in it.

The day that a schoolgirl commits suicide is when these two worlds

begin to blur. The plot for this series starts off with a girl who commits

suicide. Lain, a 13-year old girl who is a classmate of the dead student

receives an e-mail from the person, which reads, "I just abandoned my flesh.

Come to the Wired as soon as possible." What does this mean?  Soon after,

Lain starts to see odd happenings around her.   Lain's eyes are able to view

both the real and Wired world at the same time.  The question is, why is

she the only one able to do so?  And why is it that some people areafraid of

her?  Last but not least, who is Lain?  More and more questions are proposed

as the plot goes deeper. The main theme for the story deals with Lain's

discovery of her own identity, and becoming or evolving more and more into

that person/being of which she truly is.

 This is Serial Experiments Lain, the anime which talks about human

existence and accomplishments.  Though it's not all necessarily

about that, parts of it revolve around these ideas.  From it,

viewers have raised several questions, as well as their own

interpretations of the incidents and terms presented.